Welcome to Cannon County Tennessee

Please stay awhile and have a look around.

Government Operations Of The County

In addition to all county offices, commissions, boards and committees the city of Woodbury and Auburntown are included.

Services Available In The County

Many service agencys are available to residents of the county. Take a look.

Social Life In The County

There are many clubs, civic organizations and churches that add to the social fabrick of the county.


June 15, 2020

The Cannon County Courthouse is now open to the public. Restrictions on social distancing and cleanness remain in force.

Brent D. Bush
Cannon County Executive

Individual departments may still be contacted by telephone.

County Executive – 615-563-2320
County Clerk – 615-563-4278
Clerk & Master – 615-563-5936
Register of Deeds – 615-563-2041
Circuit Court Clerk – 615-563-4461
Trustee – 615-563-2282
Property Assessor – 615-563-5437

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