Budget Committee

Approved by Steering Committee October 3, 2018.

Meets as needed to complete their work. Check the events tab for the county calendar.
The courtroom, Cannon County Court House
200 West Main Street
Woodbury, Tennessee 37190
Time; check the events tab for the county calendar.


Karen Ashford, Chairman – 615-563-4183

Ronnie Mahaffey, Vice Chairman – 615-563-1082

Diane Hickman, Secretary – 615-563-2320

Brent Brandon – 615-563-6900

Jeannine Floyd – 314-369-9475

Corey Davenport – 615-563-2061

Sterling “Jim” Bush – 615-765-5885

Kim Davenport – 615-542-4158

Cannon County Budget Policy
Cannon County Cash Management Policy

The Budget Committee is composed of five members, one of whom is the county executive. The members may not be officers, agents or employees of Cannon County.

Budget Course. It is highly recommended that member enroll and attend CTAS budgeting course.

Committee’s Purpose

The Budget Committee’s purpose is to assist the Board of Commissioners in fulfilling Cannon County’s obligations under Tennessee Code Annotated 5-12-104 and other code that may apply.  All Department Heads will give their quarterly report to the Budget Committee before going to the full Commission, All budget Amendments must go to the Budget Committee.  Department Head Requests for additional revenue/expenditures must go to Budget Committee. A monthly review of Actual Financial Status versus Budget will occur until the Centralized Finance Director is in place. These meetings will occur prior to the Commissioners Meeting. Budget Committee members will also work with CTAS and County Executive in developing a budget for the county.

Public Comments

Public comments are encouraged by the Cannon County Budget Committee. Your involvement helps shape the services that are provided to our community. Comments may be submitted in writing or in person. If you wish to provide written comments please submit them to the Cannon County Court House, c/o County Executive’s office.
If you wish to make comments in person, you may do so by attending a Budget Committee meeting.
Public comments are accepted in the following manner:

  •  Individuals are limited to one comment period per department (even if the department makes more than one presentation/discussion).
    •    Public comment will be taken immediately before the department presentation/discussion.
    •    Time is limited to a maximum of three minutes.

Budget Committee Hearings

Links to all of the presentation materials for the departmental hearings, supporting documents and videos should be online. Materials used in each departmental hearing should be available for review on these pages before the presentations begin, so those viewing the hearings on FaceBook or YouTube live will have access to them during the broadcast. Online video or audio of each meeting will generally be posted the same day they are recorded.