Industrial Development Board


2nd Monday of each month
6:00 PM
The courtroom, Cannon County Court House
200 W Main Street
Woodbury, TN 37190

The public is invited to attend.


Fred Howell, Chairman - 615 480-4208

Greg Goff, Vice Chairman - 615-653-0080

Gayle Morgan, Secretary- 615-663-3703

John Wilkinson, Treasurer - 615-957-4125

Sean Harwood - 615-557-7303

Clark Hollis - 615-765-5691

Tabitha Smith - 615-427-8557

Stephen Lester - 615-785-4116

Nathan Luna - 615-893-8920



The function of the Industrial Development Board is to acquire, own, lease, and dispose of properties to be able to promote industry and develop trade by inducing manufacturing, industrial, and commercial enterprises to locate in Cannon County.

The IDB is a separate non-profit entity governed by its own Board of Directors. All board members have been approved by the County Commission and when a vacancy needs to be filled the Candidate will be presented first to the IDB Board for approval then presented to the County Commission for approval.

While members have been approved by the County  Commission it is a separate entity with its own charter and board. Separate financials and annual audit completed separately from the County. No funds are commingled.