Planning Commission

Approved by County Commission November 1, 2018

The Cannon County Planning Commission serves Cannon County government. Its mission includes the development of plans and programs that result in thriving and livable neighborhoods, predictable and transparent land use permitting processes and enhanced economic development opportunities.

Meetings every 4th Tuesday.
6:00 P.M.
Cannon County Court House, 200 West Main Street, Woodbury, Tennessee


Boyd Barker, Chairman – 615-563-8700

Brenda Phillips – 615-765-5573

Patricia Weiland – – 615-545-9838

Greg Mitchell – 615-765-5501

Marshall Williams – – 904-307-6001

John Hackett – 615-563-8190

Richie Hunter – 615-563-2972

The Commission deals with public policy issues that include residential, commercial, and industrial land use development standards; transportation and service delivery; and capital improvements. Work performed involves the collection and evaluation of data, research and analysis of options and alternatives, and the selection and implementation of projects and programs.

CCPC also makes recommendations and suggestions to the Woodbury City Council, Auburntown City Council, and Cannon County Board of Commissioners, citizen advisory groups, and other agencies and committees on comprehensive land use policies and plans, zoning recommendations, special permits, hazard mitigation, and subdivision regulations. The commission is key in the administration of the Unified Development Code (the Zoning Code and Subdivision Regulations), special use permits, site plan approvals, and street mapping.

Additionally, the commission provides assistance to other city and county departments to aid in developing service delivery strategies and needs assessments for future plans. These include transportation plans, solid waste plans, commuter services programs, and geographical information system management. Community development grants, housing programs, and water quality initiatives are also administered.